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Hola chicas!

Hoy les quiero hablar sobre el maquillaje  para cejas, las cejas bien maquilladas pueden cambiar radicalmente nuestra cara, las últimas tendencias nos  dicen que las cejas muy delgadas ya no están de moda, si se fijan en las pasarelas la modelos las están usando gruesas.  

Ahora temprano quise hacer la prueba, yo nunca me había maquillado las cejas, así que primero probé  con un delineador, me quedo fatal : (, luego probé con un poco de sobra café oscura, y el efecto  es increíble igual que  el de las revistas,  solo tienes  que aplicar un poco de sombra  oscura sobre  tus cejas, nada más. 

Hi girls!

Today I want to talk about makeup for eyebrows, eyebrows makeup may radically change our face, the latest trends tell us that very thin eyebrows are no longer fashionable, if you look on the catwalks  the models are wearing thick.

Now I wanted to test, I never had makeup eyebrows, so first I tried with a eyeliner, and it  get horrible : (, then tried with a little dark brown shade, and the effect is amazing like that of the magazines, just apply some dark shadow over your eyebrows, nothing more.

Me maquille  solo un ojo para  que se pudiera  apreciar la diferencia  con la  otra ceja sin maquillar. 
 para  mejores resultados procura  tener una depilación impecable, seria  bueno que lo haga un profesional para que luego lo puedas hacer en casa.y  ustedes  chicas, se maquillan las cejas?
makeup only one eye, so  the difference could be seen with the other eyebrow no makeup.
 For best results try to have flawless hair removal, it would be good if  a professional  do it  for fist time, so then you can  do at home.and you girls, make-up eyebrows?

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  1. I love that you did an eyebrow post. I used to use eyeshadow, and even a pencil. However, the BEST product is Stila's Eyebrow MARKER. Yes, you read that right. That gives my brows the most natural look. I highly recommend it. Thanks for posting!

    The Stylista Diaries

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    xoxo Darby

    Obviously Obsessed 

  3. I have very thin eyebrows... and I have plucked them like that for 10 years. They will never grow back, as in the beginning they weren't thick at all. Uhh, help :D!
    xxx Lara

  4. Following you back via GFC :D Sorry I don't have facebook, twitter and bloglovin

  5. Great post! Love your eyebrows!! Thank you for your comment in my blog! Sure we can follow each other! I'm following you now and then I'm waiting for you too!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  6. This post is great!

  7. wow I really need to pay more attention to my eyebrows. great informational post!


  8. Great tips love.


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  9. I love a good strong eyebrow! Great post!


  10. hi thanks for your nice comment. of course i'd love to follow each other - i'm now following you on gfc and bloglovin


  11. great post and very useful!


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